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Blog Post Tutorials

Quickly Use Bootstrap 4 in a Django Template with a CDN

How to Report Errors in Flask Web Apps with Sentry

Reporting Exceptions in Python Scripts with Sentry

Exporting pandas DataFrames into SQLite with SQLAlchemy

Learning pandas by Exploring COVID-19 Data

The Best Resources for Developers to Learn Finance

Basic Data Types in Python 3: Booleans

Basic Data Types in Python 3: Strings

Developer-led Sales for Startups

Introduction to Ansible video course released!

Adding Okta Authentication to an Existing Flask Web App

Fresh Tutorials on Full Stack Python

How to Provision Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux Servers on DigitalOcean

How to Add User Authentication to Flask Apps with Okta

Configure Python 3, Flask and Gunicorn on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Running Bottle Apps in Docker Containers on macOS

How to Explain Your Products to Developers

How to Add Maps to Django Web App Projects with Mapbox

Full Stack Python at PyCon US 2018

Monitoring Python 3.6 Functions on AWS Lambda

Developing Flask Apps in Docker Containers on macOS

ReportLab and Future Community Project Launches

Monitoring Django Projects with Rollbar

5 Years of Full Stack Python

GitPython and New Git Tutorials

First Steps with GitPython

DevOps, Thank You Maintainers and Contributing to Open Source

DevOps, Continuous Delivery... and You

PyDev of the Week, Django 2.0 and Twilio Voices

PyCon US 2018 CFP, Python Bytes and Pelican

How to Monitor Python Web Applications

How to Provision Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Servers on Linode

Creating Bar Chart Visuals with Bokeh, Bottle and Python 3

How to Add Hosted Monitoring to Flask Web Applications

How to Create Your First Static Site with Pelican and Jinja2

Responsive Bar Charts with Bokeh, Flask and Python 3

How to Become A Successful Self-Taught Software Developer

How to Create Your First Python 3.6 AWS Lambda Function

Getting Started with AWS Lambda & Python 2.7

How to Choose the Right DevOps Tools for You and Your Team

Creating SSH Keys on macOS Sierra

Creating SSH Keys on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

How to Make Phone Calls in Python

Dialing Outbound Phone Calls with a Bottle Web App

Python for Entrepreneurs

Setting Up Python 3, Django & Gunicorn on Linux Mint 17.3

Configuring Python 3, Pyramid and Gunicorn on Ubuntu 16.04

Replying to SMS Text Messages with Python and Bottle

How to Build Your First Slack Bot with Python

Responding to SMS Text Messages with Python & Flask

How to Install and Use MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04

Setting up PostgreSQL with Python 3 and psycopg on Ubuntu 16.04

How to Use Redis with Python 3 and redis-py on Ubuntu 16.04

How to Send MMS Picture Messages with Python

Configuring Python 3, Bottle and Gunicorn for Development on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

How to Send SMS Text Messages with Python

How to set up Python 3, Flask and Green Unicorn on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Setting up Python 3, Django and Gunicorn on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

The Full Stack Python Blog

Books & Videos

Each of these videos and books was recorded or written by me, Matt Makai.

Introduction to Ansible

Python for Entrepreneurs

Full Stack Python Supporter's Edition

Deploying Flask Web Apps

These books and courses were created by fellow Python developers. I have used each one myself and recommend them all if you are looking to buy high quality resources.

Developing a Real-Time Taxi App with Django Channels and Angular by Michael Herman

Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker by Michael Herman

Deploying a Flask and React Microservice to AWS ECS by Michael Herman

Example Python Projects and Code

Django: Extensions, Plug-ins and Related Libraries & Example Projects and Code

django.apps.config AppConfig

django.conf settings, urls.url

django.contrib.admin filters.SimpleListFilter,

django.contrib.admin.helpers ActionForm, AdminForm

django.contrib.admin.options IS_POPUP_VAR, IncorrectLookupParameters, ModelAdmin, csrf_protect_m

django.contrib.admin.sites NotRegistered, register, site

django.contrib.auth get_user_model, decorators login_required, hashers make_password

django.core cache, checks, exceptions, mail, mail.send_mail, mail.messages EmailMessage, management, management.base BaseCommand, serializers, signals, signing, validators

django.db OperationalError

django.db.models AutoField, BooleanField, CharField, DateField, DateTimeField, FileField, ForeignKey, GenericIPAddressField, ImageField, IntegerField, Model, PositiveIntegerField, PositiveSmallIntegerField, signal, SlugField, SmallIntegerField, TextField

django.dispatch.dispatcher Signal

django.forms BooleanField, CharField, ChoiceField, DateField, DateTimeField, EmailField, IntegerField, TypedChoiceField

django.http HttpResponse, HttpResponseBadRequest, HttpResponseForbidden, HttpResponseNotModified, Http404, HttpResponsePermanentRedirect, HttpResponseRedirect

django.urls path, reverse_lazy

django.urls.exceptions NoReverseMatch, Resolver404

django.utils.html format_html

django.template.response SimpleTemplateResponse, TemplateResponse


django.utils.translation LANGUAGE_SESSION_KEY, activate, deactivate_all, get_language, get_language_from_request, gettext, gettext_lazy, ngettext, override, pgettext, pgettext_lazy, ugettext, ugettext_lazy, ungettext, ungettext_lazy

django.utils.version get_complete_version

django.views csrf

django.views.debug get_default_exception_reporter_filter

django.views.decorators.csrf csrf_exempt

django.views.decorators.debug sensitive_post_parameters

django.views.decorators.http require_GET, require_POST

django.views.generic CreateView, DeleteView, DetailView, FormView, ListView, RedirectView, TemplateView, UpdateView, View

django.views.generic.base RedirectView, TemplateResponseMixin, TemplateView, View

django.views.generic.detail SingleObjectMixin

django.views.generic.edit CreateView, DeleteView, DeletionMixin, FormMixin, FormView

django.views.generic.list ListView, MultipleObjectMixin

django.views.i18n JavaScriptCatalog

django.views.static serve, was_modified_since

SQLAlchemy: Extensions, Plug-ins and Related Libraries & Example Projects and Code

sqlalchemy.dialects mssql, mysql, oracle, postgresql, sqlite

sqlalchemy.dialects.mysql pymysql

sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql ARRAY, BIGINT, BIT, DOUBLE_PRECISION, ExcludeConstraint, INTEGER, JSON, TSVECTOR, array, json, pypostgresql

sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.base PGTypeCompiler

sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.psycopg2 PGDialect_psycopg2

sqlalchemy.dialects.sqlite pysqlite

sqlalchemy.engine Connection, Engine, create_engine, default, url

sqlalchemy.engine.default DefaultDialect

sqlalchemy.engine.interfaces ExecutionContext

sqlalchemy.engine.result ResultMetaData, RowProxy

sqlalchemy.engine.strategies EngineStrategy, MockEngineStrategy

sqlalchemy.engine.url make_url SchemaEventTarget

sqlalchemy.exc ArgumentError, DataError, IntegrityError, InvalidRequestError, NoInspectionAvailable, OperationalError, ProgrammingError

sqlalchemy.ext compiler

sqlalchemy.ext.automap automap_base

sqlalchemy.ext.compiler compiles

sqlalchemy.ext.declarative DeclarativeMeta, declarative_base

sqlalchemy.ext.hybrid HYBRID_PROPERTY, hybrid_property

sqlalchemy.ext.mutable Mutable

sqlalchemy.inspection inspect

sqlalchemy.orm ColumnProperty, CompositeProperty, Mapper, Session, SynonymProperty, attributes, backref, class_mapper, column_property, composite, interfaces, mapper, mapperlib, object_mapper, object_session, relationship, session, sessionmaker, strategies

sqlalchemy.orm.attributes InstrumentedAttribute

sqlalchemy.orm.collections InstrumentedList

sqlalchemy.orm.exc NoResultFound, UnmappedClassError, UnmappedInstanceError

sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces MapperProperty, PropComparator ColumnProperty, RelationshipProperty

sqlalchemy.orm.query Query, QueryContext

sqlalchemy.orm.session Session, object_session

sqlalchemy.orm.util AliasedInsp

sqlalchemy.pool NullPool, StaticPool

sqlalchemy.schema CheckConstraint, Column, CreateIndex, DDLElement, ForeignKey, ForeignKeyConstraint, PrimaryKeyConstraint, Table

sqlalchemy.sql ClauseElement, Select, column, expression, functions, operators, schema, select, sqltypes, table

sqlalchemy.sql.elements ColumnElement, Label

sqlalchemy.sql.expression ClauseElement, ColumnClause, ColumnElement, Executable, FunctionElement, UnaryExpression

sqlalchemy.sql.functions FunctionElement, GenericFunction

sqlalchemy.sql.naming conv

sqlalchemy.sql.schema Column, SchemaItem

sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes NULLTYPE, NullType

sqlalchemy.sql.util ClauseAdapter

sqlalchemy.sql.visitors traverse

sqlalchemy.types BOOLEAN, Boolean, Enum, INTEGER, Integer, NULLTYPE, NullType, String, TypeEngine, UserDefinedType, to_instance

sqlalchemy.util OrderedDict, OrderedSet, set_creation_order, topological

sqlalchemy.util.langhelpers symbol