Stripe is a web application programming interface (API) for processing payments.

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Stripe is an implementation of the web APIs concept. Learn how these pieces fit together in the web development chapter or view the table of contents for all topics.

Stripe tutorials

Resources about Stripe

  • Stripe‚Äôs payments APIs: the first ten years has a ton of great context about how Stripe's payments API has evolved, its architecture, how they expanded it over time, and generally a bunch of solid storytelling behind how it has been built.

  • How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites explains the process for how Stripe creates their gorgeous design that makes people want to use the service and explore what else they can build with it.

  • Creating a Culture of Observability is a technical talk about monitoring systems at scale. The presenter works at Stripe so much of his

  • Implementing API Billing with Stripe covers billing and invoicing requirements for a video calling API product. They explain how they matched their requirements to what Stripe offers then what they had to build themselves to get everything working the way they intended.

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