Python for Entrepreneurs

Post updated by Matt Makai on April 25, 2017. Originally posted on July 30, 2016.

Python for Entrepreneurs is a new video course by the creators of Talk Python to Me and Full Stack Python.

Update: The Kickstarter has been funded! Michael and I are hard at work on the course content. Thank you to everyone who supported us as a backer. The course is available in early access mode on until it is fully released.

We are creating this course and running a Kickstarter for it based on feedback that it's still too damn difficult to turn basic Python programming knowledge into a business to generate income as a side or full time project. Both Michael and I have been able to make that happen for ourselves and we want to share every difficult lesson we've learned through this course.

The Python for Entrepreneurs videos and content will dive into building and deploying a real-world web application, marketing it to prospective customers, handling search engine optimization, making money through credit card payments, getting help from part-time contractors for niche tasks and scaling up to meet traffic demands.

If this course hits the mark for what you want to do with Python, check out the Kickstarter - we've set up steep discounts for early backers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Michael Kennedy or me, Matt Makai.

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