flask.helpers send_file Example Code

send_file is a callable within the flask.helpers module of the Flask project.

Example 1 from Flask-VueJs-Template

Flask-VueJs-Template (demo site) is a minimal Flask boilerplate starter project that combines Flask, Vue.js, and Flask-RESTPlus. The project provides some sensible defaults that are easy to continue building on, and the source code is open source under the MIT license.

Flask-VueJs-Template / app / init.py

# __init__.py
import os
from flask import Flask, current_app, send_file

from .api import api_bp
from .client import client_bp

app = Flask(__name__, static_folder='../dist/static')

from .config import Config
app.logger.info('>>> {}'.format(Config.FLASK_ENV))

def index_client():
    dist_dir = current_app.config['DIST_DIR']
    entry = os.path.join(dist_dir, 'index.html')
    return send_file(entry)

## ... source file continues with no further send_file examples...

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