Markup Languages

Markup languages provide pre-defined, parsable syntax within text documents that is used for annotations. For example, within a Markdown document, the syntax [this is a link to Full Stack Python]( indicates the text "this is a link to Full Stack Python" should be annotated with a link to "" when run through a Markdown parser and then transformed into HTML output.

Markup language resources

  • Reach for Markdown, not LaTeX argues for the simplicity of Markdown versus the steep learning curve and less easily adopted LaTeX for creating documents.

  • Yet Another Markup LOL? explains the virtues and the significant downsides of tooling for the YAML markup language. Mistakes in configuration files that use YAML or any markup language often fly past testing and continuous integration services that catch errors in regular code. The post also introduces a couple of tools that can help with specific YAML issues, especially when using Kubernetes.

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