What "Full Stack" Means

The terms "full stack" and "Full Stack Python" are ambiguous but I am using a specific definition here on this site. These term can be defined for a web stack either to mean

  1. Every layer, from the machine code up to the browser, are written in Python

  2. Python code interacts with code written in other languages such as C and JavaScript to provide a complete web stack

I named this site specifically for the second definition: Python is one programming language among many that are used to build your application stack.

Some folks took the title of the site to mean Python runs everything from the web browser on down. That's simply not practical or possible. While Python is an amazing programming language, there are many tasks it does not do well.

Python is just one language among many that allows our computers to execute software and communicate with each other.

For beginners, learning the syntax and libraries in Python necessary to build a web application or web API is a major undertaking. Even intermediate and advanced Python software developers need to constantly program and learn to keep up with our ever evolving ecosystem. I created Full Stack Python to be just one of many resources that help Python developers build and maintain their programming skills.

That's what "full stack" means. What do you want to learn next?

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