Bootstrap is a CSS framework that makes it easier to create website and web application user interfaces. Bootstrap is especially useful as a base layer of CSS to build sites with responsive web design.

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Should I use Bootstrap 3 or 4?

Bootstrap 3 was out for almost five years before Bootstrap 4 was finally released at the start of 2018. When learning Bootstrap you will likely come across many tutorials that cover Bootstrap 3 but not version 4.

If you are completely new to Bootstrap and CSS frameworks in general then I recommend learning Bootstrap 4. If you have already been working with Bootstrap 3 then there is no major rush to upgrade to the latest version. Bootstrap 4 is more complicated than version 3 because it has a lot more features so the learning curve is a bit steeper.

Full Stack Python is actually built with an early version of Bootstrap 3. However, this site is so heavily customized with my own CSS that I likely will never upgrade to Bootstrap 4 because there are no new features that I feel will be useful in my specific situation.

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