Morepath is a micro web framework with a model-driven approach to creating web applications and web APIs.

Official Morepath web framework logo.

Morepath's framework philosophy is that the data models should drive the creation via the web framework. By default the framework routes URLs directly to model code, unlike for example Django which requires explicit URL routing by the developer.

Why is Morepath an interesting web framework?

Simple CRUD web applications and APIs can be tedious to build when they are driven straight from data models without much logic between the model and the view. Learn more about how Morepath compares with other web frameworks from the creator.

With the rise of front end JavaScript frameworks, many Python web frameworks are first being used to build RESTful APIs that return JSON instead rendering HTML via a templating system. Morepath appears to have been created with the RESTful API model approach in mind and cuts out the assumption that templates will drive the user interface.

Morepath is an implementation of the web frameworks concept. Learn how these parts fit together in the web development chapter or view all topics.

Morepath resources

Morepath, with its first commit using the Morepath name in 2013, is a much newer web framework than Django, Flask or Pyramid, which results in fewer tutorials. There is also a lot of opportunity for newer Python developers to fill the gaps with their own Morepath tutorials. However, these resources below are a good place to get started.

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