Best Python Podcasts

The Python community produces an incredible wealth of free and low cost resources for both new and experienced software developers. These great resources include several Python podcasts that are released on a regular schedule.

Note that podcasts that have not been updated in the past twelve months are not included on this page.

Favorite podcast episodes

Here are a list of my favorite episodes from various Python podcasts before we dive into entire podcast recommendations in the next section. Dig into these episodes to get a feel for various personalities and styles in podcast presentation.

Python-specific podcasts

  • Talk Python to Me focuses on the people and organizations coding on Python. Each episode features a different guest interviewee to talk about his or her work.

  • Podcast.__init__ is another regular podcast that presents stories about Python and interviews "with the people who make it great".

  • Test and Code Podcast focuses on testing and related topics such as mocking and code metrics.

  • Python Bytes is a new podcast from the creators of the above mentioned "Talk Python to Me" and "Test and Code Podcast".

  • Import This is an occasional podcast from Ken Reitz and Alex Gaynor with very in-depth interviews with influential Python community members.

If you prefer to learn by reading check out the best Python resources page or view all topics.

General software development podcasts


  • The Changelog

  • Full Stack Radio

  • Exponent is not a software development podcast but it covers the intersection of corporate strategy and technology in an in-depth way that allows me to better understand the decisions businesses make when building and releasing software. I listen to every episode (at 1.5x speed) and it's well worth the 45 to 60 minutes spent listening to Ben Thompson and James Allworth go deep on a weekly topic.

Those podcasts should help you get started. What's next?

Show me a list of the best Python learning resources.

I've built a Python web app, now how do I deploy it?

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