Companies Using Python

The Python programming language is widely used by companies around the world to build web apps, analyze data, automate operations via DevOps and create reliable, scalable enterprise applications.

Large tech companies

  • Uber's tech stack contains a significant amount of Python, which they documented in a series of engineering posts. Part one describes the lower backend levels, which are written in Python, with Node.js, Go and Java mixed in. Part two explains the higher levels of the marketplace and user interfaces.

  • Facebook and Instagram use Python 3 at scale. They've been very vocal about successfully making the migration from the Python 2 world into Python 3.

What else do you want to learn about Python?

I want to know about working with data in Python.

I want to learn how to code a Python web application using a framework.

I've built a Python web app, now how do I deploy it?

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