Best Python Videos

If you prefer to learn Python programming by watching videos then this is the resource for you. I've watched hundreds of live technical talks and combed through videos to pick out the ones with great speakers who'll teach you the most about the language and ecosystem.

This page links to the best free videos as well as other video lists so you can do your own searching through the huge backlog of conference and meetup talks from the past several years.

Be sure to read the best Python resources for links to books and articles as well as web frameworks to learn more about web development.

Web development with Django, Flask and other frameworks

Core Python language videos

Video compilations

  • PyVideo organizes and indexes thousands of Python videos from both major conferences and meetups.

  • Incredible Technical Speakers is a repository I put together that features software developer speakers talking about programming language agnostic topics. The list is intended to emphasize professional software developers who also have the ability to engage an audience of peers with an exciting talk.

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What editor should I use to code my Python app?

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