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Flask is a Python web framework.

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Flask Example Projects

Flask's large ecosystem of extensions make it easier for developers to build common web app features such as authentication, database operations and APIs even though support is not built into the core Flask web framework. This design is by choice in contrast to Django's "batteries-included" approach. Either framework's design decision is a viable approach depending on the needs and requirements of the application you are building.

The extensive collection of Flask libraries is a great source for learning the framework through reading code examples.

This alphabetically-ordered list of projects provide helpful example code for building your own web apps.


flask-base (project documentation) is a boilerplate starter application that is pre-configured with SQLAlchemy, Redis, user authentication and other features.

flask-base's code is open sourced under the MIT license.


FlaskBB (project website) is a Flask-based forum web application. The web app allows users to chat in an open message board or send private messages in plain text or Markdown.

FlaskBB is provided as open source under this license.

FlaskBB's code examples can be found on:


Flasky is the wonderful example application by Miguel Grinberg that he builds while teaching developers how to use Flask in his books and videos. Flasky is open sourced under the MIT license.

Code examples from Flasky are shown on the following pages:


NewsPie is a minimalistic news aggregator created with Flask and the News API.

NewsPie is provided as open source under the MIT license.

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