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You're knee deep in learning the Python programming language. The syntax is starting to make sense. The first few "ahh-ha!" moments are hitting you as you're building applications with a web framework.

Now you want to know how to take your web application code and make it live on the Web. That's where this guide comes in. When you want to gain an understanding of everything you need to deploy and run a production Python web application, you've come to the right place.

If you've previously read this guide check out the change log to find out what major sections have been added since your last visit.

If you are not yet ready to deploy your application there are a few other fantastic Python guides that you can read first.

This guide has a different focus from the other Python resources on the best resource links page. In each section of this guide you will learn topics such as

  • what server options exist
  • which operating system to use for production applications
  • what the Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) standard is
  • why each layer of the stack is necessary

Read on once you have a basic Python understanding and are ready to learn more about the full Python web stack.

Next read the servers section.